“Nan’s designs hold the form necessary to serve as a reminder of our intended focus.”

— R.S., Gig Harbor, WA

Nan Yurkanis has always had a great affinity for fabric, how it feels, how one piece blends with another.  She makes use of this lifelong friendship to design quilted wall hangings that express energy understandings, often using the yogic tradition of energy centers, or chakras, as a reference template. The “Om” symbol included in some of her work represents the sixth chakra, also known as the intuitive center or “third eye”.


Nan describes a “lively dialogue” that manifests each new piece into form, a collaboration of fabric, thread and personal vision. She has received interesting reports about these completed works, that the harmonic conversation often continues to resonate once a piece reaches its new home.


One long-time energy worker who has originals in both his home and workplace, believes the pieces can help individuals “balance their energetic circuitry, which in turn sends a signal to their physical bodies to heal.”


Through the publishing arm of Yurkanis Originals, Nan continues to make available an extensive catalogue of her finished works as fine art prints.  Her original art is also represented in a new and growing line of elegant, eco-friendly greeting cards, journals, and postcards.

photos by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography